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It is a great pleasure to welcome people to Grange School, a private day and boarding school for boys and girls from Reception to Year 11, based in Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria. Since Grange School was established in 1958 under the motto “A Culture of Continuous Improvement”, the School has sought to support, educate and inspire students to become confident young men and women who will revel in the challenges within a modern day global society.Grange School is an open and inclusive community of learners, serving the need of young people and their families. We want our students to develop curiosity, imagination and confidence in themselves. We want them to be compassionate and caring, thoughtful of others. We want them to think and problem solve, as well as develop independence, and personal and social responsibility. We want them to aspire to be the best they can be.We believe in rich learning that extends beyond knowledge, to deeper understanding and the development of wisdom. So much of that happens through learning experiences and challenges, as well as through the guidance and encouragement of highly qualified, talented and passionate staff, eager themselves to further their own learning in the interests of their students. Our staff believes in the value of each individual student, and are committed to their growth – from the youngest years, through adolescence to their final examinations, graduation and ... Read More

Our Vision

"To be the leading British international educational institution in Nigeria."

Our Mission

"To provide an excellent English curriculum education whilst embracing Nigerian history and culture within a creative and motivating environment, developing life-long learners who will become global leaders."

Core Values

  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Service
Grange School was founded in September 1958. It was established as a primary school to provide education equivalent to that which was obtainable in the UK.

Flying to the UK during the 1950's and 1960's was not as straight forward and smooth as it is today. There were no direct flights to England. At that time, children came to Nigeria to be with their families while on school holidays, and then had to fly back to the UK when schools re-open to continue their education in the United Kingdom. A trip to the UK in those days could take up to two full days, with stop overs in Liberia and Rome.

The idea of a school in Ikeja grew from about May 1957 when a group of interested parents applied to the West African Airways Corporation for permission to rent one of its buildings for use as a school.

The group formed Grange Education Limited as a Company to be run as a non-profit making organization, and based on GRA NiGEria, called Grange School... Read More
May the Lord Bless and keep us.
May the Lord be kind to us.
And look on us with favour.
May the Lord shed the light
Of his countenance upon us
And give us peace
Now and forever more.

Surely, God is always watching,
Never sleeping
Jehovah himself is caring for us.

In the heart of Lagos,
Our School stands supreme.
Recalling past success,
We’ll do our level best,
To uphold the dream.
When we work and when we play,
What we know and who we are
Make the School the best by far.
We improve in every way.

Our faith and love are strong,
Sing it loud and sing it long,
Sing it loud and sing it long,
We’re from Grange-so hear our song.

From the humble start,
Grange has set herself apart,
As the place to grow and thrive,
Where our hopes will come alive.
In our minds and in our hearts.
Courage, charity and care,
Dedicated, true and fair,
Are the mottos here at Grange,
And they’ll never, ever change

Our faith and love are strong,
Sing it loud and sing it long,
Sing it loud and sing it long,
We’re from Grange-so hear our song.


Category: Grange School 2017/18
Starts at: 23 Mar, 2018 (all-day)
End of term
Category: Grange School 2017/18
Starts at: 07:45 AM
Midstream Exam into Years 1- 5 (Primary) & Years 8 - 10 (secondary) is on Saturday 9 June, 2018.
Широкий спектр декоративных и строительных материалов с доставкой по Киеву и Украине


Artist in residence 2016



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Grange school has been accepted as an associate member of The Governing Bodies of Independent Schools (AGBIS). We are proud to be the first and only school in Africa to be admitted into this noble association! AGBIS supports and advises governing bodies of schools in all aspects of governance under ...


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