For many young adults the question of which route to pursue after IGCSEs is the biggest decision they have had to make.

At Grange, our Careers Department work with the pupils in conjunction with their parents, to ensure they have the necessary information to make a carefully informed decision. Questions they ask include:

• Which school should I go to?
• Which country?
• What subjects should I choose?
• Should I do A levels or IB?

At Grange, we strive to provide an excellent English curriculum education whilst embracing Nigerian history and culture within a creative and motivating environment. This will help our pupils become lifelong learners who will become global leaders. This is our vision.

Grangers School Destinations

Due to the fact that we offer a British education, most of our pupils proceed to the UK to continue their education; however, we have pupils studying all over the world. A breakdown of our pupil destination over the past 5 years is as follows:

• UK: 72%
• USA: 11%
• Canada: 9%
• Nigeria: 5%
• France, SA, China 1%

As the A- level schools in Nigeria become more established, they are becoming a popular choice for our students before they proceed to other countries for their degree programme.

Our advice, information and guidance demystify the process, allowing students to play a lead role in defining their steps to adulthood with our support and the support of their parents.

We are delighted that year on year, our students get into the very best A-level and IB schools worldwide. We hope that they will become active and successful students, thereby fulfilling part of our mission which is to develop lifelong learners who eventually become global leaders.

We warmly invite them back to the many events we run and we hope that they build supportive networks via the Grange alumni.

Since we run the English National curriculum, our pupils proceed from Grange either to an A level college, IB school or Foundation programme.

The Careers Department starts working with Senior School students from Year 7, to guide the students through the process of comprehending that every individual has a unique mixture of personality attributes, learning experiences and styles; knowledge, hopes and aspirations for the future, and skills. Students are encouraged to develop their personalities, passions, and broad skills.

We offer students from Year 7 through Year 11 a full programme of careers events, many delivered by a range of highly accredited external providers, some through the Careers Department and our teachers. For students in Year 7 to Year 9, the focus is on encouraging students to consider how a range of attributes impact on each other, such as personality traits, passions, areas of interest, skills, and roles in a team. Year 10 and Year 11 students build upon this foundation through developing an awareness of factors affecting life after school, and practising interview skills and CV writing.

The Careers Department also has excellent links with specialist Further Education establishments and prestigious universities; local and national organisations that offer highly regarded Apprenticeship programmes in a range of industries; and local businesses which invite students to take up work experience during the Sixth Form.