In our effort to develop an all-round child, our educational programmes include a substantial level of co-curricular activities designed to harness the creative potential of our students and support their abilities to live and work successfully in the 21st century.

Parents are therefore invited to partner with us by not just enrolling their children, but by supporting those activities in which they share interests. Our students are given opportunities to select from a wide range of activities every term. Grange school co-curricular activities are divided into three broad areas:

Sports activities:
These includes activities such as Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Athletics, Scouts, Gymnastics club, Rugby, Taekwondo club.

Intellectual activities:
which include Debate and public speaking, Spelling bee, Science club, STEM club, Coding. Entrepreneurship, Design technology club, Chess club, Scrabble club.

Cultural activities:
which include Music, Dance club, Drama club, Ballet.