At Grange School, we believe in the culture of continuous improvement in all we do to ensure children progress intellectually, emotionally and socially.

We recognise that our students have varied interests, individual learning differences and learning needs. To this end, the SEN/ Additional Learning Support Department is designed to provide a structured academic intervention and increase academic success.

Our SEN/Additional Learning Support Team is led by a qualified SEN Coordinator and other SEN practitioners who follow up on the progress of all students from the point of entry, fielding all and any concerns from teaching staff and liaising between students, teachers and parents.

Our aim is to enable all our students to achieve their personal academic best and to fulfil their learning potential. We achieve this by developing varied strategies in sync with individual learning preferences and by reinforcing a belief in them that they can succeed. We cater for additional learning support requirements wherever possible through structured one to one intervention, small groups and/or in-class support.

The Team works by collaborating with classroom teachers and form tutors to assist students with learning needs using differentiation tools and scaffolds. We also provide advice and resources for teachers to successfully plan and deliver outstanding lessons, thereby meeting diverse needs in their classrooms.

We create and manage Target documents and IEPs (Individual Education Plans) that provide an instructional roadmap for teachers and set achievable targets for individual student.

When ongoing specialised attention is deemed to be required, the SEN Coordinator at Grange liaises with a series of external professionals to ensure that specific needs are met, and Chartered psychologists are available by referral.

Our school policy ensures that parents and other significant carers participate and are involved in all interventions, to guarantee optimum support, inclusion and development in all instances.

We practise a whole school approach to ensuring that all our students with learning needs and differences are integrated, supported and celebrated.