At the Grange school PTA, our goal is to support a healthy and vibrant school community, promoting engagement and positive action with our teachers, parents and students. To do so, we help fund key school programs, provide volunteer support for school activities, run a series of community events throughout the year, and encourage an open dialogue across the school.This website is an important element in our outreach effort. we hope to keep you up-to-date with everything that is happening at Grange School. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, suggestions.


PTA Chair


The Grange School PTA mission is to build a community at Grange between our teachers, parents and students and raise funds for programs that enhance the Grange students' learning experience.

• Classroom Support: Reading Aids
• Technology Support: Computer Specialist
• Music Appreciation: Bravo in Class
• Music Participation: Willett Chorus
• Library Support: Books & Periodicals
• Computer Equipment: Chromebook Carts
• Classroom Grants: Science, History, etc.
• Physical Education: Kids in Motion
• Health & Fitness: Challenge Club
• Student Enrichment: Art, Dance
• Nature: Garden of Learning

All of these activities are made possible by the generous support from our community through donations and PTA fundraisers. please contact us for more details.


* To support the school in its corporate objective to provide education of the best affordable standard.
* To foster and maintain friendship and understanding between parents, teachers, staff governors of the school, board and the grange community, thereby encouraging a closer relationship between the home and the school for the general good of the children.
* To provide a forum for parents, teachers, staff governors of the school and board to address issues that affect the education and welfare of the children.
* To help parents to understand current teaching methods and policies through conferences, workshops and projects.
* To help raise funds for special projects as required.