At The Grange School we are committed to delivering an inclusive educational environment for all of our students whatever their needs or abilities, having adopted a whole school approach to SEN practice.

The Additional Support Department at Grange School acts as a whole-school resource with the aim to address learning differences within the school, and instill in each student a lifelong love of learning that encourages them to take ownership of their learning and to excel in their area of key strength. The team consists of an SEN Coordinator (SENCo) working together with a multidisciplinary team (class teacher, teaching assistants and where necessary external specialists).

The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) plays a key role in determining the strategic development of the Special Educational Needs policy, support and provision in the school to raise the level of achievement and rate of progress of students with Additional Learning needs and/or Special Educational Needs. The highly skilled and professional Additional Learning Support Team led by the SENCo, coordinates additional support, Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Target Plans for pupils with Special Educational Needs and liaises with their teachers and other professionals who are involved with their schooling.

They continually develop effective ways to overcome barriers to individual student’s learning, by assessing student’s needs, drawing up appropriate learning targets for improvement and providing exam access arrangement where necessary.

Our Learning Support/SEN team also work closely with Pastoral and Academic colleagues to ensure that a consistently responsive, whole-school approach is maintained and personalised learning goals are in place to help support and challenge every student to reach their potential academically, socially and emotionally.

We acknowledge and emphasise that it is the responsibility of everyone in the School to ensure that those with greatest differences are included, celebrated and catered for.

The SENCo also collaborates with curriculum coordinators at the school to make sure that the learning requirements of all children with SEN are given equal priority through individualised learning experiences. Lessons are planned, presented and delivered to meet the learning style, of each individual student. Parents are actively involved in the Learning support provision at Grange school, working collaboratively with the Learning support team and the teachers towards the success of their child.

As a school, we work with students with mild/moderate degree of learning challenges as stated in our School Policy. Pupils who have been identified as having SEN prior to applying to Grange school are given equal opportunities if their need is within what our school policy covers. Once admitted, they are fully integrated into our mainstream classes where they have full access to the National Curriculum and equal entitlement to all aspects of the school.

For students without any prior assessment, early identification is a major key to ensure no student falls by the way side in learning.

The class teacher flags up concern at the earliest opportunity by informing the SENCo. Parents are then alerted for their support and participation in ensuring maximum learning support.

The Additional Learning Support Team is able to run early identification screenings using batteries of tests to help identify the needs of a Student and design appropriately structured learning plans.

However, when Student progress continues to cause concern, the SENCo will request support and advice from external agencies (e.g. Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist) for more detailed in-sights to the need and provide necessary recommendations.

The recommendations made by these professionals will help the Support Team draw up appropriate Individual Educational Plan (IEP) in collaboration with teachers, parents, home tutors and particular external agencies involved. (i.e. Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist or Occupational Therapist).

In the Primary Phase, our learning support team work collaboratively with each year level team to identify and assist students who require learning interventions. In Key Stage 1, learning support is provided to plug learning gaps and to accelerate learning. Concerns are only flagged up if student is significantly not making expected progress.

Intervention is delivered through a combination of one to one, small group instruction, Learning Facilitator support and integrated classroom support, as is most appropriate.

In the Secondary Phase, learning accommodations are provided through reduced number of subjects offered, scheduled library time (where the School Librarian supervises learning) , one on one learning support where necessary, Learning Facilitator support and extra learning periods with specific subject teachers structured within school time. We also meet regularly with subject teachers, Year tutors and parents to liaise on best practices and effective strategies.
English as an Additional Language (EAL)

We offer well-structured Language intervention to pupils who need support in learning content in the English language by providing extra lessons with particular emphasis on all four language skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing.

The aim for each student is to achieve proficiency in English language to fully access the curriculum.

Gifted and Talented (G&T)

We provide direct intervention strategies to pupils, ensuring their work challenges, stretches and excites them on a daily basis in an environment that celebrates excellence.

Mrs. Patricia Olise
SEN Coordinator